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Cultural trips to Iran (Persia) from Cyprus

Visiting Persia is all about discovering a very interesting and mysterious country. The beauty and history of its cities and the gentle nature and hospitality of its people are the two things that will stay with you as memories for a lifetime. Our tours to Iran last a week and we visit Tehran, Isfahan (Esfahan), Shiraz and the ancient site of Persepolis. You get to see some of the most famous royal palaces (Golestan Palace and the Ali Qapoo Palace), museums (like the carpet, jewelry and ceramic ones) and visit the archaeological ruins of Persepolis, a world heritage site according to Unesco. The hotels we use are the best in the country and all of them are 5 star hotels, with one of them, the Abbasi Hotel in Esfahan, being historical landmark. We try to give you the best taste of the Iranian cuisine in traditional restaurants some of which have also local music for entertainment. You will find plentiful wonderful shopping opportunities in the Bazaars (especially in the Persian Carpets and Kilims) where you can browse for hours!  Of course that is not all.  See our top 20 best reasons to join one of our groups for our next excursion to Iran. 

We have currently suspended our group programs to Iran.  As soon as we begin organizing them again we will post all relative tour information here.  If you do not want to wait until then we also offer guided tours for private parties upon request.  We of course take care of visa requirements.

20 great reasons to visit Iran


Gape at the Peacock throne jewels.Carpet repair masters at work

See the sunset from the 33 Arch Bridge in Esfahan.

Watch Shirazis bring flowers to long dead poet Hafez.

Eat chello kebab.

Drink zamzam cola.

Have a conversation with an Iranian and see their amazement.

Have breakfast in one of the most beautiful rooms you have ever seen.

Ali Qapoo Palace in Esfahan, IranStay in the Abbasi Hotel.

Find the perfect Persian carpet for your home.

Take a walk in one of the many city parks.

Smell the roses in the Eram gardens of Shiraz.

Enjoy the View from Darius palace in Persepolis.

Try to find the golden peacock on the dome of the Sheik Luftallah Mosque.Imam Square (Meidan), Esfahan

Meet Ali, our guide.

Count the columns in the 40 column Palace.

Browse the Bazaars for wonderful artwork.

Visit the Glass museum.

Bring back the memories.

Wish to go back...



What you should know:

To get you better prepared for joining us in our next trip to the beautiful land of Iran have a look at the following notes we believe might be interesting and useful.

         Money matters:  The Iranian currency is the Rial (IR).  One US$ buys 35000 IR and one euro buys 47000 IR.  Credit cards and traveler checks are not accepted.  Take with you cash in US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros.  You will also not be able to exchange Cyprus Pounds for Rials.  Most establishments readily take foreign currency.  Exchange rates differ only slightly but if you use unofficial channels make sure that they don’t slip you lower denomination bills or plain paper instead of 10000 Rial bills.  Be prepared to carry a large amount of paper bills when you change money as the 10000 bill is the largest and 50 US Dollars gets you forty of those notes.  Interchangeably with the Rial, Iranians confusingly use the Toman, which is worth 10 Rials.

Time:   Iran is GMT + 3,5 or 1,5 hours in front of Cyprus.

Electricity:  220V, 50Hz.  Most sockets are for two circular prongs.

Weather:  The average temperature for October is around 17 Celsius.  There is a possibility we might encounter some rain.

Dress:  Men should not wear shorts, sleeveless shirts or T shirts with prints that might provoke.  Women must wear at all times a non see-through scarf covering their hair and neck.  Clothing should be loose (not form fitting) and arms covered.  Be prepared for quite a bit of walking, especially in Persepolis and day 4 in Isfahan.  Persepolis is a huge site with only one rest stop outside the museum.  For the last dinner in Daarband we suggest wearing athletic shoes, as we will be walking a steep rocky road for some time.  A small flashlight might also come in handy.

Shopping:  The bazaars are simply amazing.  Carpets, backgammon sets, tiles, silver articles and antiques are abundant with the best market being the one in Isfahan.  Prices in these articles are negotiable but be prepared as Iranians have a selling style all of their own which is unlike their Arab neighbors.  Shop around before you buy.  Western goods are at very high prices and it is best to avoid buying them there.

Tipping: For all your meals tips have been included in the price.  If you are happy with guides/drivers a tip of about 20000 IR/2,5 USD per person per day will be very much appreciated.

Telephones:  You can dial internationally from your hotel room at a modest charge.  All hotels have internet connections and they charge by the time you are connected.  Charges are reasonable.  Your GSM card will not work in Iran.

Program:  Every effort will be made to adhere to the program as it will be described.  Some last minute changes are inevitable.  If you plan to go somewhere on your own and miss some of the scheduled activities please inform the group leader beforehand.

Drinks:  Alcoholic beverages are illegal and we suggest you do not to ask for them.  If you are offered black market drinks please decline.  It is best to drink only bottled water.  Local soft drink Zam Zam has cola and orange flavor.  Interesting are the Persian non alcoholic beers.

Numbers:  Iranians write their numbers a bit differently than the Arabs.  You might find useful learning them in order to check prices before you decide to buy something.
























Eastern Arabic-Indic
(Persian and Urdu)












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