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Ski Livigno, Italy from Cyprus

Ski trips from Cyprus to Livigno, Italy


Ski holiday packages to Italy's most enchanting ski resort from Cyprus.


Our ski trips to Livigno

Our skier and snowboarder customers asked us for a long time to offer them skiing holidays at an Alpine ski resort.  Varianos Travel offered ski holiday packages to Livigno, Italy during the 2011-2012 ski seasons.  Despite the fact that the ski area is outstanding we can no longer offer packages for Livigno any more.

Why Livigno out of all the Alpine ski resorts, one might ask.  This is the same question we ask when visiting any ski resort that interests us.  Well Livigno has some outstanding answers.  First of all, the ski area is excellent.  It is well developed, with about 115 Km of ski runs, a snow park, a fun area for boarders and kids fun parks.  Most hotels are small but they offer something great.  A combination of style, comfort and value.  The tax free status of Livigno makes not only ski holidays attractive but also offers the opportunity for shopping quality brands at low prices.

To book or find out more on our other ski packages email us or call us at Varianos Travel's Direct Ski Line at 22663477.


Ski holiday packages

Because of the location and high altitude of Livigno the ski season usually extends from the end of November until April.  Rates differ quite a bit with the best deals found early or late in the season.  As with all our ski packages for all our resorts we will be happy to quote to you the cost of any ski holiday to Livigno for your individual group and the time you wish to travel.  Do keep in mind that as most Alpine ski resorts, Livigno hotels prefer to receive bookings on a Saturday to Saturday basis.  We, at Varianos Travel will of course will try to do everything possible to arrange your package if you choose different days for your ski trip.


About Livigno and its ski resort

Literally surrounded by Switzerland, Livigno is located at over 1800 meters from sea level.  In fact Tre Palle at 2096 meters, which is considered part of Livigno, is the highest inhabited village in Europe.  The two ski areas, Carosello and Motolino are on the two mountain ranges running parallel to the main village and their 32 lifts offer quick ascend to the  mostly uncrowded ski slopes at a rate of over 47.000 skiers per hour!  The skiable area is a whopping 75 square kilometers and the 115 kilometers of marked runs are identified a 26% easy (blue), 57% intermediate (red) and 17% advanced (black). 

A free ski bus conveniently connects all the hotels and lift bases very frequently.  There is also plenty to do after skiing.  Apres ski is fantastic and is sure to please "significant others" that find skiing or boarding as too tiring.  Dining in Italy is a great experience and Livigno is no exception to this rule.  Furthermore, there are over 200 shops offering their goods at tax free prices with exceptional deals on electronics, clothes and cosmetics.


Weather for Livigno ski resort in Italy:




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