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8, C.  Pantelides Avenue, P. O. Box 22107, 1517 Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel: 357 22680500 / 22667772, Fax: 357 22669676



Nicosia, Cyprus Travel Agent

Varianos Travel Agency

Varianos Travel has been operating as a travel agent in Nicosia, Cyprus for well over 25 years.  Throughout this time Varianos Travel has grown from a one man travel agency to a distinct, IATA accredited, independent travel agent serving customers not only in Cyprus, but internationally as well.  Varianos Travel Ltd is registered as a limited liability company in the Republic of Cyprus with registration number 89998 and VAT number 10089998Q.  Varianos Travel is committed in offering its customers a high level of travel agency services.  It also strives to give its employees a pleasant and friendly environment to work in, as this has been a key component in developing experienced travel consultants that contribute to the success of our agency.



Why use our travel agent services.

When we say we are an independent travel agent we mean exactly that.  We work for our clients and always try to find the best possible deal for them.  We owe no allegiance to any airline, cruise company or tour operator and thus can offer you the most convenient, least expensive alternative.  Our core business is our skiing holidays to Faraya Mzaar in Lebanon, Borovets and Bansko in Bulgaria, and you can see most of them throughout this web site.  These tours are, in our humble opinion, the best value for money on the market in their category.  We take great care in designing them and have over the years developed a high quality and extensive network of associates all over our destinations.  Also of note are our cruise offers out of Limassol, Cyprus.  We have a great number of special offers on all these cruises with discounts reaching sometimes more than 20% off listed prices.

Here is a list of the travel agent services we offer to holidaymakers and business customers:


    Car rentals

    Ferry tickets

    Airline tickets

    Cruise tickets

    Hotel bookings

    Airport transfers

    Holiday packages

    Excursion bookings


Contact Varianos Travel

We are located at 8, C. Pantelides Ave. in the old part of Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus.  Our office sits in front of the Venetian wall moat between Eleftheria's square and the bus terminal at Plateia Solomou.  We are actually very proud to be the only IATA accredited travel agent with head offices in the old historic center of Cyprus' capital.  Our normal hours of operation are non stop between 08:00 to 13:00 and 14:30 to 17:30 between Monday and Friday.  You can call us at +357 22680500, fax us at +357 22669676, email us at or just plainly drop in at our agency.   Should you need to drop in, our location in Central Nicosia can be seen in the map below marked by the red place mark.  Any correspondence should be sent to Varianos Travel, P. O. Box 22107, Nicosia 1517, Cyprus. 


Associations and memberships


Varianos Travel is an IATA accredited travel agent


In 1997 Varianos Travel met the fiscal and quality requirements of the International Air Transport Association and became an IATA accredited travel agent.  Membership in IATA allows our travel agency to issues and sell tickets for scheduled airlines all over the world.




Association of Cyprus Travel Agents logoACTA

Varianos Travel is a member in good standing with the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents.  ACTA is the agency involved in overseeing tourism and travel affairs in Cyprus.  It is also the accrediting authority for Cypriot tour operators.  We are fully licensed and bonded by the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents to run our own tours.  See our ACTA profile by visiting this link.




The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KEVE) is the union of Cypriot businessmen and promotes the views of the business community.  CCCI has historically reinforced private business initiatives and contributed positively in the development of the liberal nature of Cyprus' market economy system.