Skiing in Bulgaria in 2021

Published on Oct. 27th 2020 by Elena

Winter is coming. Unfortunately instead of planning ski holidays we are all just worried about COVID 19… We have to admit that is a very difficult time for us in the travel business. However, we are not ready to give up just yet. We have useful information about the ski season in Bulgaria and want to share it with you.

The Bulgarian Government has laid the groud rule for the operation of ski resorts. It will be a different kind of season but that was to be expected. Here are the main points:

  • Gondola travel to be limited regarding the number of persons using each cabin
  • Mask use in most ares but exccluding at time of skiing / snowboarding
  • Restricted use of restaurants / cafes

Here is the full translation of the guidelines which can be seen in their original for here:


In connection with the upcoming winter season, the Ministry of Tourism introduces a uniform minimum package of measures which are to be respected by all sites, companies, organizations and persons offering tourist services. The recommendations of the Ministry of Tourism, coordinated with the Ministry of Health, regarding the 2020/2021 winter season provide that the hotel and restaurant services will be carried out in compliance with the regulations which are currently in force. Regular inspections are planned in the resorts. The package of measures complies with the measures which have been already announced by other countries with active winter tourism in the context of the pandemic – Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France. The measures will be updated or supplemented if required due to changes in the epidemic situation or new scientific findings, or acquired experience from the European or world practice. The need for an update of the measures will be monitored and based on the active work of the administrations of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health.


Gondola lifts, chairlifts and rope tows
The tourists must cover their nose and mouth during their stay in the cabin as well as on the whole territory of the lift stations with face masks, shawls, buffs, and other types of covering. This will apply for all lifts, rope tows, paths in the beginners’ zone, as well as in front of the card-selling ticket offices. The number of persons travelling in the cabins can be limited by a decision of the lift operator if required.
The cabins will undergo disinfection several times per day according to schedule with disinfectants which are approved by the minister of health for product type 2. Hand disinfects, approved by the minister of health, must be made available as the designated places before and after the usage of the cable cars.

The all-day usage of the cabins has to be subject to maximum opened windows in order to let the fresh air circulate in them.

Face mask sign stickers should be placed in each cabin

A minimum of one-meter distance is required between the persons queuing for the lifts.

Cafes and restaurants on the territory of the ski zones and ski wardrobes
The cafes and restaurants on the territory of the ski zones must observe the adopted Guidelines for the functioning of accommodation establishments and food and entertainment establishments in the conditions of danger of COVID-19 infection in Bulgaria.
Nose and mouth must be covered with face masks, shawls, buffs and other types of covering on the territory of the ski wardrobes. Hand disinfects, approved by the minister of health, must be made available as the designated places. Periodic disinfection of all contact surfaces is to be carried out. Measures are required to prevent crowding and observe a physical distance of 1.5 m between the wardrobe users.

Ski schools

The ski school activities must be subject to strict rules: groups of a maximum of 10 persons, no participation of persons in a visibly unhealthy state, no mixing between groups or transfer of persons from one group to another. The requirement for physical distance between the trainees and the ski instructors must be observed during the training at the ski schools. Face masks, buffs, shawls and other protective coverings are to be worn.
A filter is to be provided before the beginning of the training (temperature measuring for the instructors, who are taking part in the process, of the ski school employees and of all trainees).
During training, the distance between the clients must be a minimum of 1.5 m. The individual form of training is the safest and recommended.


Signs/screens and information materials with the instructions and rules to be observed must be placed at all points of considerable tourist flow – ticket offices, ski equipment stations, parking lots, ski wardrobes, receptions etc. In case of questions, the tourists are to require assistance from the employees of the tourist site who must be aware of the safety measures.

Face masks must be worn at the following places in the resorts:
1. Public transport, shuttle buses, taxis
2. Pharmacies, polyclinics, clinics, hospitals, social homes, nursing homes
3. Stores and all points of sale
4. Banks, posts and all public institutions
5. Tourist information centers
6. In restaurants until food consumption;
7. All indoor public places;

Most important rules to be respected by everyone:
1. Keep at least 1.5 m distance from strangers
2. Proper wearing of face mask in indoor public places
3. Avoid hand-shaking upon greeting people
4. Cover your nose and mouth or wear a face mask when surrounded by many people even outdoors
5. Wash your hands frequently
6. Cough and sneeze into your elbow or tissue
7. Regular airing of indoor premises
8. Do not go out if you have symptoms or feel ill.

If a tourist feels ill
1. Avoid contact with other people
2. Let the tourist remain in his/her place of accommodation, inform the manager or the receptionist and ask for cooperation to get in touch with a health establishment or emergency telephone 112.

The measures can be subject to alteration at any time due to considerable changes
in the epidemic situation!