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Salamis Filoxenia

It is with deep sorrow that we announce that Salamis Cruises will not be offering any destinations for Summer 2020! 

We hope to be able to offer Salamis cruises for next summer!

Stay Safe!

Cyprus is an ideal base for taking short cruises to the Eastern Mediterranean.  From the Acropolis to the Pyramids the landmarks of the ancient cultures of both East and West are no further than a few days of relaxed cruising out of Cyprus.  Varianos Travel is proud to cooperate with Salamis Cruises and offer their 2019 cruise packages through our travel agency.  All departures are from the port of Limassol in Cyprus unless noted otherwise.  Ports of call are Haifa, Constantinople, Piraeus and smaller ones at the Greek islands of the Aegean and Ionian seas.  What is mainly offered are mini cruises lasting anything between two to eight days.  Should you wish transfers from your hotel to Limassol port a service is available.

Celestyal Cruises (formerly known as Louis Cruise Lines) will be offering cruises out of Limassol as of March 6th 2021. You can view them here.

We can book for you cruises to the Holy Land, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey and the Greek Islands. As the cruises to Egypt  are very limited, we do offer packages with flights to Cairo.  The “high season” for cruises from Limassol starts in May and lasts until October.  We sometimes do, however, have some cruises that run all year round so check with us for unadvertised departures. Salamis Lines cruises can be found on our Salamis Filoxenia cruises page.

On this page we feature mainly the special offers on Limassol cruises as they come in from Salamis and Celestyal cruise lines.  We try to update as soon as we have a new deal that we think is interesting for our cruise loving customers.  So if it is a bargain you are looking for, pack your bags as a lot of the offers are for last minute departures and keep coming back to the “cruises” segment of our site.  Prices featured in our special offers, unless noted otherwise, are per person and include cruise on shared accommodation, meals and entertainment on board.

To book any of the special offers we have available for cruises from Cyprus call us at 22680500 or email us.

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